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Tassos & Daria Athineos Kalami, Corfu Greece 49083 T(+30) 26630 91040 M(+30) 697 9881 131 M(+30) 697 3862 001

Mon - Sun
09:00 - 19:00

Please feel free to drop in to the office should you have any queries, wish to check availability or simply check out our 72 hour weather forecast.

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Boat Type

15 HP Standard20 HP Standard25 HP Standard30 HP Standard30 HP Deluxe60 HP Ranieri Soverato115 HP Ranieri Poseidon175 HP Cabin Poseidon250 HP Apache RIB

Please note that if you require the boat for more than a day,
you have to return it by 6pm every evening. You pick it up again in the morning.